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Based on 91 reviews
Went down a treat!

Got as a gift to my PT as a thank-you. She loved it! Came with some goodies and she found a couple new things she really liked. Looked nicely packaged and quick delivery. Definitely will order again and would highly recommend as a gift to any gym goer or PT!


Got this as a present for my boyfriend. He loved the products. It was a gift so would have been nice if the packaging was better - would have paid for better gift wrap

Amazing flavour

Amazing flavour and texture is like cake, very much like the raspberry flavour in texture and it is a nicer texture grenade bar

New formula

The new cake formula is great and thus bar is like the peanut butter ones but with double the peanuts and a nicer texture too


This bar is very sweet and sickly but tasty in small quantities

Not one of the greatest combos but it is okay

This flavour is nice but has a strange after taste and probably would have been better with milk chocolate but I get that they are combatting bitter coffee with sweet chocolate


Very similar to cookies and cream bar but with white chocolate. Very nice

New formula

The new grenade bar formula is amazing and I love this bar and the new salted peanut one a lot and they resemble cake. The raspberry one reminds me of black magic chocolate but also black forest cake.

Almost best flavour

This is one of the best grenade bar combos and resembles kendle mint cake... It is very yummy


Very nutty and creamy, good bar for nut lovers

It doesn't taste like orange

This bar is not as "orangey" as it makes out to be... It could pass as a fudge brownie grenade bar if it wasn't for the after taste. It is however nice as I like the fudge flavour bar

Nice and chewy too

This bar is nice but can get a bit sickly if you eat it all at once

Like Oreos but better

If you like Oreos and caramel them this is a great bar


I don't like this flavour but I don't hate it either, I know it is supposed to be crunch but it just has a strange texture and a strange after taste however at time of consumption it tastes okay...


This bar is average and chewy but tasty as well

Yummy but same as pumpkin spice flavour

This is a good cookie if a little rich. I like it but it is very similar to the pumpkin spice flavour but with tiny chocolate chips πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜


Nice bars with lots of frosting


It is more like nougat than cake but it was yummy all the same


Super tasty. Highly recommended

Very good

This cookie is very big but not as sickly as the birthday cake variant so 5*


This cookie is great but was very large and somewhat sickly however it was nice to eat in moderation :)

Not bad

decent flavour just not what I expected

Really good

Really good. Will be purchasing again soon


I love grenade bars especially the gingerbread ones - just a shame they're limited edition :( delivery was great and was kept updated all the time

Very good

Nice bars and nice handwritten note that came with them :)